Over the years Bellstone has come to be known for its abundance of technical information regarding natural stone. Whether you're planning an interior, roofing, flooring or landscaping project, our downloadable brochures & user guides below will give you the helping hand you need to get started. 


These technical publications relate to the application of natural stone tiles and paving products & roofing slate to the Australian building industry. They are provided free of charge in the hope that the information allows our readers to make informed decisions about purchasing and using stone. The information is presented as a guide only. Remember, there is no substitute for professional advice - get as much as you can before starting your project, That way you will enjoy the journey that stone will bring you without sleepless nights. Too many people start learning about stone after problems have occurred.... Would you want your doctor to study medicine before or after he has operated on you? A note to Architects & builders - Jim Mann's papers below are a MUST to read!