This is a fine grained limestone that is very light in colour. This is one of two very light coloured limestones from the same quarry that have been sorted on colour, character and pattern. The Simena has the most character and is the staff favourite; it has lots of straw coloured squiggles with the occasional larger motif. The background is white to off-white or straw. The colour in photos varies depending on the light. For instance, the colour of the floor in the image on the left below is lighter than is depicted in the photo on the right.


Simena Limestone is best suited to indoor floor applications because if used outdoors it is likely to reflect the light and could be glary despite being cool under foot. Once laid, Simena will create an air of formality; it is a stone that will work well in sunrooms, enclosed verandahs and hallways. It is a great stone to liven up dark spaces. the light colour makes it attractive to interior design that favours strong fabric colours in curtains, blinds and soft furnishings. 


Honed TIles - 457x457x12.5mm

Other sizes by special order





Limestone is one of the finest and most porous stones; the light colour of this limestone makes it easy to mark too, so it does require sealing to prevent stains. Do not let grubby hands touch this stone until it has been sealed. We suggest that the first application of sealant is applied before the tiles are grouted. This will make the post-grouting cleaning easier. Two light coats of Sealers Choice Gold would be an excellent option. Do a test with a spoon full of water to check that the water beads on the surface; if in doubt, apply a 3rd coat just to make sure. Remember, the 1st coat of sealant will be absorbed the quickest; subsequent coats will require less and less sealant. Three light coats might seem excessive but it is a much better option than 2 heavy coats.