Pewter travertine is a very dense and durable stone available in a tumbled surface finish. The colour is overwhelmingly grey in light and dark tones but with swirling wave patterns blending straw yellow and warm ochre through to patches of hazelnut. The overall look is very fresh with a lot of things happening; the french pattern format enhances the action. It's practical too!


French Pattern Display Pieces

Pewter Tumbled Travertine - French Pattern


The richness of colour will hide dirt and make any marks less visible. We actively select stone with colour variation as it is more practical - less care is required! Ask us about it! We were attracted to tumbled Pewter because it is the most beautiful paving product that provides a very natural and slightly rustic surfaces for informal indoor or outdoor living areas such as entertainment areas, pool aprons, patios and verandahs. It has been lovely to see that the product is being used so effectively on indoor walls as well as floors as the image of the bathroom above indicates.


Tiles - 600x400x13mm

Pavers - 610x406x30mm

Tumbled French pattern - Each set is made up of 4 different sized pieces with 6 pieces in each pack - 1x600x400, 2x400x400, 1x400x200 & 2x200x200mm
Ledge tiles - 600x400x15-30mm 

Pewter Tumbled Travertine - Pieces from French Pattern

Pewter Tumbled Travertine - Pieces from French Pattern

Ledge tiles - 600x400x15-30mm. Designed for use on stairs, verandah edges and pool coping. The main part of the tile can be matched with the 13mm tiles with the bullnose from softening and providing strength to edges.

Pewter Tumbled Travertine - Pieces from French Pattern



  • Density (ASTM C97-02) - 2519 kg/m3

  • Water absorption (ASTM C97-02) by weight - 0.87%

  • Porosity - 2.18%

  • Flexural strength (dried) - 27.0 MPa

Data: uncorroborated; supplied by supplier