The surface treatment is described as sawn which means it has been sawn by very large gang saws and then been very lightly honed so that the surface is level. The honing process is quite short and sweet relative to finely honed product so the cost is lower. The mid-grey colour is also lighter as the surface tends to darken the more bluestone is honed. There is nice variation across the surface with light and slightly darker striations of grey to break monotony and create character. If you look closely, you will see supple changes in colour. 



Tiles - 600x400x15mm . 

This bluestone is also available in honed and Sandblasted & brushed forms


Bellambi Bluestone in sawn form is popular for outdoor applications as it has higher slip resistance than honed bluestone but still retains a flat even surface

Explanatory Note - The grey colour of this bluestone will absorb heat if used in exposed areas. It has moderate slip resistance when wet. For indoor use, it has a commercial look.