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Things Our Customers Should Know & Agree to Before Purchasing


  • Samuel Direct Link Pty Ltd trading as "Bellstone" owns and operates this website: www.bellstone.com.au

  • Our ABN is 92 615 242 521.

  • Our contact details are on the Contact Us page.


  1. Bellstone sells stone products based on sample(s) presented in good faith but they should not be relied upon as being representative of product delivered.

  2. Bellstone has no knowledge of the purpose or environment for which the product(s) is intended. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to determine the suitability of stone for the intended purpose.

  3. Stone is a natural product that is sold with variation in colour, shape and texture within and between crates & batches; we cannot and do not guarantee any match in the markings of samples or images to product purchased.

  4. We make every effort to accurately describe our products but all sizes, weights, capacities and dimensions have a nominal tolerance.

  5. Orders must be submitted to us in writing (fax, email); we will transcribe the order to MYOB format with prices for confirmation before packing and invoicing.

  6. Orders will be packed as a random selection from each crate; selecting individual pieces for thickness, colour or texture is not possible.

  7. Ownership of product changes hands once product leaves our warehouse; we cannot take responsibility for loss or damage incurred in transit by independently owned and operated freight & courier services.

  8. Once product leaves our warehouse, Bellstone has no control of product quality; please choose wisely as we will not except returns or make refunds if you change your mind.

  9. Bellstone sells product on a “first in, first served basis”. We reserve product only after a payment, deposit, or part payment has been made.

  10. Customers who make a payment or part payment for product held in our warehouse receive a 14 day cooling off period in which to reconsider or cancel their order and receive a 100% refund. Should orders be cancelled after this period, Bellstone will retain 10% of the purchase price. However no refunds will be paid on personalized orders that are non-standard warehouse stock.

  11. Storage charges of $5.50/crate/week will be levied for product not picked up 21 days after date of invoice.

  12. A small order fee of $25 will be charged for orders less than 5m2 to help cover picking, packing & despatch costs.

  13. If assistance is required to match and identify new slate to old, existing slate floors, a $25 fee will be levied to cover our labour costs as this process is extremely time consuming.

THE BELLSTONE WEBSITE - A Wonderful Resource but Seek Other Advice

  1. The Bellstone website is a genuine attempt to impart product knowledge so that customers can make informed purchase decisions.

  2. Bellstone believes that the information presented in this website is accurate but has not checked or verified this information. This website is intended to provide general advice only and has been prepared without taking into account the objectives, problems or needs of the reader. Bellstone has presented this information as a guide only and accepts no liability for any loss or damage caused by any error in, or omission from, this website. 

  3. Bellstone encourages customers to research products widely and not to rely solely on our opinions and statements made in person or on our website.


  1. Independent test results are made on random samples of stone at a single point in time. The results are presented as a guide only and may not be relevant to the product purchased. 

  2. Bellstone customers are urged to conduct their own tests to ensure the stone is suitable for the intended purpose.

  3. Only the latest test results are published on our website and no editing or omissions have been made. 

  4. The stone quality ratings are based on an arithmetic scale of known test results on stone - they are presented to help readers interpret the test results and make them more meaningful and helpful.


People are attracted to natural stone because every piece is unique and each product line has beautiful variation in colour, texture and character. Capturing these qualities in a photograph is not easy even for experts. We have gone to a great deal of trouble to display photographs on our website and at our showroom that fairly reflect the variation in each product. There are constraints though:-

  1. The capacity and speed of the website to load large numbers of high resolution photographs.

  2. Product may vary slightly from one consignment to the next.

  3. Subtle lighting changes may make a photo appear different from the actual product seen in "real life'.

  4. Computer screens often interpret colour in slightly different ways.

Photographs are an excellent guide but purchase decisions should not be made until product is viewed in person so that buying decisions can be made with greater product knowledge.


Bellstone believes that the information contained in these documents is accurate but has not checked or verified this information. These documents are intended to provide general advice only and have been prepared without taking into account the objectives, problems or needs of the reader. Bellstone has presented this information as a guide only and accepts no liability for any loss or damage caused by any error in, or omission from, this document.


The quality of Bellstone products is a great source of joy to us and while we offer a 100% guarantee on product quality failing to meet the specification(s) described on this site, we are not able to assess claims made once the product has been cut, fixed or laid. 

Claims should be made within 24 hours of unpacking and crates and bar codes left intact for tracing the batch numbers and product source. Any return of faulty product must be made in the crates in which they were sent.

We are committed to addressing concerns about stone quality and will respond within 48 hours of being notified.

A full refund will be made if the product delivered is deemed to be faulty. The cost of the freight to return faulty product will also be paid by us.

If there is disagreement on the nature or extent of the nature of a claim, Bellstone will appoint an independent industry professional to provide a report that will be used to settle the claim.