Limestone is ideal for use on floors, walls, steps and as outdoor pavers. Limestone is a sedimentary stone made up of at least 50% by calcium carbonate with the remainder including clay, silt, quartz or pebbles. 


Clay is the source of colouring in many limestones because it contains iron oxides that yield yellow through to red tones. Most limestone is composed of grains or fragments of biological origin that add character. The appearance of very small fossils is quite common and whilst they often look like shells they are far more likely to be marine invertebrates. To discuss your design project needs give us a call or send our experienced team an email


  • Limestone makes a project look good and feel good. Airports often use Limestone for this very reason. If you are a traveler, you have to ask yourself "why does every airport in the world use the country's natural stone on its floors and walls"? The answer of course is the delight and national pride generated by natural products that have been hand crafted. No-one gets the same buzz from man-made products that has been spewed out of a factory.

  • High quality and completely natural with no additives or chemicals applied. Every piece of Bellstone's limestone has been hand selected and crafted. Apart from having edges cut, thickness calibrated and surface worked on, the integrity of the stone is the same as it came out of the ground. The real trick to deliver quality in natural stone is selection - every piece of stone is hand sorted and graded. No machines are used - it is done by eye! Bellstone works with teams of masons who take enormous pride in packing only first choice material and casting off the inferior stone.
  • Limestone is renowned for its insulation properties. Some worry about walking on cold stone floors during winter - a legitimate concern if you don't have access to underfloor heating. Of all the stone surfaces, limestone is the least likely to get cold. If used outdoors, it is the least likely to get hot as well. The light colour reflect the sun's rays keeping the surface cool under foot.

  • Highly versatile: Suitable for indoors or outdoor paving. In Australia, limestone is used on floors, walls, vanities, steps and window sills and is used with both natural split and honed finishes. Honed limestone may also be used on verandahs and outdoor paving areas. Bellstone imports limestone from Egypt and Turkey. 

  • Limestone is used on some of the most stunning buildings in the world. The Pentagon for instance, is made from limestone.The White House was built with limestone imported from Croatia - a country whose magnificent coastline is riddled with beautiful buildings many of which are made from limestone sourced from local quarries. Some of these buildings are hundreds of years old but the clean white limestone makes them look like they were built yesterday.