SOFALA & GREY GUM Quartzite Tiles, paving & wall cladding


 Bellstone offers two quartzite options: Sofala and Grey Gum; both are available in body tiles, pavers, flagstone pieces, netted random pattern sheets, cladding, stackstone and mosaics. Interior designers and architects alike often choose quartzite for commercial projects as it is not only incredibly beautiful, but also highly practical


If you look at our gallery of quartzite images and couple that with the independently conducted test results and the 5 start quality rating system we publish, you will understand why designers have such confidence in this stone. If you're not sure which quartzite product is best suited to your design project don't hesitate to give us a call or send us an email or enquiry and our friendly and experienced team will help guide you in the right direction. 



  • Low Water Absorption rates
  • Highly resilient. 
  • Textured Surface =  highly slip resistant.Slip resistance tests reveal a surface that has good grip characteristics with a low risk of slipping on a wet surface. These characteristics make the stone very safe for young children who run with abandon; it is also a stone well suited to pathways for the elderly who are more prone to slipping and falling.

  • Saltwater Resistant: Quartzite has shown to be highly resistant to salt attack indicating the suitability of these products for the hostile chemical environment of salt water pools.

  • Completely Natural & Chemical-free.  Quartzite is as it comes from the earth - completely natural, especially flagstone pieces. This type of stone has had minimal manufacturing input and is totally free of any form of chemical. It is well suited for landscaping design that demands elements that are more naturalistic.

  • Handles high traffic areas easily. This quartzite is so hard that it wears out diamond tipped cutting wheels quickly. It is one of the hardest stones which is a blessing because it can handle high traffic areas easily.

  • Low Maintenance


Quartzite is one of the densest natural stones in the world with high densitylow porosity and very low water absorption rates. This makes the stone very resilient to challenges from the elements such as staining from leaf and vegetative tannins. The quartzite surface is quite textured so it also has high resistance to slipping when wet - perfect for outdoors, especially driveways, pool decks and patios. It is also perfect for use on floors and walls. Quartzite is made up of grains of quartz - one of the hardest minerals (Mohs scale 7), cemented together by calcite and silica that give it a reflective quality. The colours range between a blend of light and dark grey through to orange and rust hues. When held to the light, the tiles can sparkle with silver flecks as the light bounces off the quartz particles.


Recent test results indicate that the level of quartz in this stone has fallen below the ASTM requirements to be technically a quartzite, even though it looks like quartzite and cleaves like quartzite. The high level of calcite in the recent samples sent for testing make the stone technically a marble. On further testing using product from a different part of the quarry, this may change again. In the meantime, the test results will tell you more about the stone and its uses than its technical name.