Flooring Tiles


Blanco is a fine-grained, white limestone that comes from Turkey and contains small barely noticeable light straw colored motifs in "squiggly" shapes that give the stone its character. It is an elegant and stunningly beautiful stone and one of 3 very light coloured limestones from the same quarry that have been sorted on colour, character and pattern. The background is white to off-white. There is some nice variation between tiles that will create character in a floor but the overall effect will be subtle.

 Blanco Limestone can also be used as a cladding product for indoor walls, especially bathrooms and kitchen splash backs. Blanco is also ideal for indoor floor applications. Used in an outdoor area this stone will reflect the light and despite being cool under foot, could be glarey. Blanco's light colour makes it attractive to interior design that favours strong fabric colours in curtains, blinds and soft furnishings. Once laid, Blanco will create an air of formality suited to sunrooms, enclosed verandahs and hallways. It is a great stone to liven and freshen up dark spaces such as apartments or buildings that lack natural light.



Most limestones are quite porous and Blanco is no exception. This means it will absorb water or any fluids if spilt so it does need to be sealed with 2 thin coats of Sealers Choice Gold.  It is important to wipe up spillages as soon as possible to minimise the chance of absorption. Two applications with Sealers Choice Gold is suggested as liquids such as red wine or coffee will not be able to penetrate the sub-surface if the sealing has been done properly.  When considering Blanco limestone be wary that its light colour makes it more vulnerable to scuff marks and stains and is therefore not a stone for rough and tumble use.


Tiles - 610x305x12.5mm 





Please note: this stone is hard to photograph as it tends to pick up nuances of pink (and beige) that do not exist. If you are interested in limestone, please let us send you a sample of the stone so that you can get a feeling for its whiteness.