Mali bluestone is popular for a variety of reasons. The stone is dark grey to black in colour which means it is unlikely to mark or stain and its colour hides dirt well. The high density and low water absorption properties indicate it would be suitable for wet areas e.g. bathrooms, spas and pool surrounds. It is incredibly durable and has an unmistakable decorative quality and beauty. 

Mali Bluestone is a dark dark grey to grey black brooding, fine grained stone that has remarkable homogeneity. this is an extremely hard type of black basalt stone called gabbro. it is volcanic in nature like all basalts but is found much deeper in the rock strata than other types of igneous material. this is significant as it has fewer holes than other types of "bluestone" because the stone cooled more slowly when it was formed, after the volcanic activity.


15mm tiles only

Perfect for indoor floors and feature walls

Colour: once honed, the stone's colour darkens to a deep black/grey with a soft velvety finish


15mm tiles, 30mm pavers & treads

Perfect for outdoor paving, bathrooms, spas and pool surrounds

Ideal for use outside where traction and safety are important


  • Slip resistance - flamed (AS/NZS 4586-2004) - 60V (risk of slipping when wet = very low)

  • Slip resistance - honed (AS/NZS 4586-2004) - 32Y (risk of slipping when wet = high)

  • Flexural strength (ASTM C880) (dried) - 22.8 MPa

  • Flexural strength (ASTM C880) (wet) - 18.1 MPa

  • Density (ASTM C97-02) - 2895 kg/m3

  • Water absorption (ASTM 616) by volume (porosity) - 1.4%

  • Water absorption (ASTM 616) by weight - 0.49%

  • Resistance to salt attack weight loss (AS/NZS 4456.10) - 0.08

  • Resistance to salt attack classification (AS/NZS 4456.10) - AA

  • Resistance to salt attack (AS/NZS 4456.10) mode of decay - no visible decay

NB. The benchmarks for use of stone around salt water pools is 0.1% weight loss or less with a minimum slip resistance classification of W. ­


(5 stars = best quality)      

(5 stars = best quality) 




Data Source - Stone Initiatives + Materials Testing Group Pty Ltd. South Australia

Data Source - Stone Initiatives + Materials Testing Group Pty Ltd. South Australia

Architects: AS HB197 may be used to approximate Oil Ramp test R values - there is no conversion table as the tests are vastly different. On this basis, V (on the more relevant & less costly wet pendulum test) is closely aligned with R11 and X with R10.