While you wait for your dream housing project to take shape, stock up on some en-trend chic natural stone platters and homewares for yourself, or surprise a loved one with something versatile, timeless & durable from Annabell Stone's stonewares collection. The collection has been hand-crafted using offcuts from Bellstone's natural stones, mostly slate. No matter what occasion, there's something for everyone at Annabell Stone - you'll find the perfect birthday and wedding gifts, or perhaps you're opening up a wine bar, cafe or catering business and are after a little wow-factor. Either way, don't go past Annabell Stone's  comprehensive range of gift and homewares, all beautifully packaged and ready to go.



Basin - Travertine - Bellstone SML.jpg

Bluestone, Granite AND Travertine VANITY BASINS 


The texture, colour and depth created by the smooth honed or polished finish of basins is beguiling. As a result of interest in the product we have four vanity basins available. Stone's toughness gives it excellent wear and tear resistance; bluestone and granite are often used for structural work because of their high compressive strength and durability. High quality stone is an extraordinary asset because it can be used in so many different ways. The surface has a high resistance to stains or marks and is easy to clean using just warm water.