Coogee Sandstone - Suitable for Outdoor Paving & Pools?


Coogee is a natural cladding material but many customers ask us about its suitability for outdoor paving. The high porosity of Coogee sandstone is a two edged sword - highly porous stone will absorb water very easily but if the water contains dissolved salt or material that might stain, it can be a problem. 

The flip side is that stone with high porosity will wash down very easily when you hose it; and theoretically dissolve any unwanted pollutants that have made a home in the pore spaces of the stone matrix. Most home owners are looking for low maintenance surfaces - hosing down their back yard is not high on the list of weekend priorities. It is certainly not a stone that we recommend for salt water pool coping though may be okay for traditionally chlorinated pools. If used outdoors we suggest using 30mm thick pavers to provide extra strength even on concrete substrates.