A lot of wine has been spilled on travertine over the years, especially in Italy! However, too much wine can add unexpected patina to the surface if care is not taken!

Travertine is comprised principally of calcite (calcium carbonate) which is also in marble and is very susceptible to all kinds of acids, some of which appear quite harmless.

Wine, vinegar, coke and orange juice are all examples of substances that are acidic which may cause damage if spilled and left lying on the stone surface.

Red wine and coffee are examples of household products that may also cause staining if not cleaned up promptly. The easiest way to prevent stains is to wipe up the spilled liquid straightaway.

Sealants can also be used as an insurance against damage such as staining they will also make moisture penetration into the stone more difficult; sealants will also make the stone easier to clean and maintain.