Whether you are building your new dream home or undertaking that bathroom remodel you’ve always meant to get around to, you’ll find endless options for tiling your floors. If you are willing to pay for the best, then investing in luxury flooring can provide many returns. You’ll get high quality, durable flooring and a look that you can enjoy and be proud of for many years to come. Here are a few luxury tiling options to consider:


Natural stone flooring is opulent and durable - very durable. Quarrying costs make this one of the most expensive options, with harder and denser stones costing more. Stone flooring with vivid colouring or a rare pattern also commands a higher price. Transportation costs add an additional expense and can be high, depending on where in the world your stone is quarried. Finally, installation can be time consuming and costly, as stone installation requires more time and effort than most other types of flooring.

Marble is a highly valued stone flooring material, and marble tiles can cost up to $55 per square metre, including installation. Solid marble slabs run between $80 and $125 per square metre. Some tiles go as far as to inlay diamonds, mother of pearl, and abalone, and can set you back a remarkable $1 million per square meter.

Mosaics and designer ceramics

Installing mosaic tiles can turn your flooring into a work of art, limited only by your imagination. Mosaics can be made of designer or handmade tiles, reclaimed antique tiles, glass, or small pebbles.

Expect to spend $16 to $40 per square meter on high quality ceramic tiles for mosaics, and $50 or more for more custom or antique options. Installation can average another $50 per square meter. Mosaics using small pieces and intricate designs will require extra time and skill.

For the art connoisseur, some designer tiles even replicate famous artworks. These can cost around $500 and can be hung as artworks or incorporated into bath or kitchen tiling.

Another trend in designer décor is the use of ceramic tiles that realistically mimic the look of wood. High-end versions cost around $18 per square meter and offer some advantages over the real thing. For starters, ceramic can be installed without damage in moist areas of the house such as kitchens and baths. Wood-look ceramic tiles also work well with underfloor radiant heating, an option not recommended for real wood floors.

Luxury vinyl tile

For a touch of luxury at a lower price point, luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is an option to consider. LVT is relatively new to the market, offering the look of wood or stone at a reduced price. Higher end LVT tiles have a realistic appearance and are very durable. Expect to spend around $5 to $6 per square meter. LVT is cheaper and easier to install than actual wood or stone.

Carpet tiles

The design status of carpeting is being raised by eco-friendly modular carpet tiling in hundreds of options. You can choose from over 70 solid colours and mix with striped and abstract-patterned tiles for a truly custom look. Carpet tiles are easy to install and average $6 to $12 per square metre.