Stone pavers, whether bluestone pavers or other type of pavers, are a versatile and attractive build material. For the home, stone pavers can help transform outdoor spaces and surfaces, enabling homeowners to boost the appearance of their home and enhance its market value. If you’re looking for an effective way to transform your home and get more out of your outdoor living areas, read this article to find out how.

Wall Cladding

Stone cladding can be used to completely change the outside appearance of a home. Cladding comes in all shapes and sizes; the cut and stacking style means it’s an extremely versatile option for a home that can benefit from a facelift.

Whether the homeowner is after a rugged, natural look or an ultra-modern appearance, stone cladding is an excellent choice.

Wall cladding tips

  • Uneven cladding pieces can be stacked in a random pattern to create a natural looking wall.
  • Stone cladding can be used on any wall, whether it’s your house, outdoor kitchen wall, barbeque area, water features, gates, or the walls of any outdoor living space.
  • For a modern, clean look, stone cladding cut to uniform shape is also available. Try greys, pale blues, or whites for a contemporary appearance.

Water Areas

Water areas usually have two major functions: to frame your swimming pool and to allow passage to and from your pool for users. As such, materials used in this area should be durable as well as aesthetically appealing.

In addition, any material used around your pool area should reduce the chance of slippage or accidents. Stone pavers and other slip-resistant pavers can be used very effectively in any water area. The natural textures and colours that stone pavers bring to your pool area make them extremely popular among homeowners.

Paver tips for water areas

  • Always ask your supplier about slip-resistance as well as water resistance.
  • Choose a material that matches the look of the area as well as the design and materials used in your house. Stone pavers can come in all colours and textures, so be sure to find the right one for your home.
  • Giving your pool area a facelift with new paving can improve property value and make older pool look fresh and appealing.

Garden Pathways

Pavers, especially stone pavers, are one of the best choices for garden pathways. Low maintenance and natural in appearance, pavers blend into any garden type, whether modern, rustic, or minimalist. Paver pathways are extremely easy to create once you have finalised the design.

Paver tips for pathways

  • For a quick and easy paver pathway, lay a foundation with gravel, set down your pavers, and use loose paver sand to set your pavers in place.
  • For a natural and unique look, try laying pavers in a stepping stone design and allow grass or moss to grow naturally in between the pavers.

Creating a New Driveway

Like a garden pathway, there’s literally no limit to the designs you can incorporate into your driveway. And, in fact, driveways, by virtue of their spaciousness, can make it easier to incorporate a striking visual design into thelayout.

Tips for laying a new driveway

  • Try bold geometric shapes for a unique and eye-catching driveway.
  • Use a different colour for the edges of your driveway to bring out the contrasting colours and textures in your pavers.