Backyard spaces can be created to maximise use of space in a property. A lawn sitting idle can be ripe for a little bit of development to turn it into a great outdoor space, for entertaining or just for relaxation. The key to creating attractive outdoor spaces is to harmonise the interior design with your garden’s landscape, through the use of colour schemes and accessories. Laying out outdoor pavers are probably the best first step to creating an outdoor space. But before that, you need to choose the kind of space you’re looking for.


Gazebos are places of relaxation and retreat. They usually have multi sided roofs and look much like a open walled pavilion. They can be attached to a garden wall, but are usually free standing. Gazebos can be furnished simply or left completely empty. While they’re usually set on the ground, sometimes they can be raised.

Ideas for gazebos

  • spas
  • curtains
  • glass walls
  • raised platform gazebos with floor seating
  • creeping vines along the columns and overhead


Pergolas, unlike gazebos, are square or rectangular structures that are usually attached to the house on one side. They look like a carport but are typically used for outdoor gaming, dining or even gardens. Sandstone pavers make wonderful flooring for pergolas.

Ideas for pergolas

  • pot plants
  • small, decorative garden or landscape patches within the structure
  • barbeques
  • build pergolas next to kitchens for ease of outdoor dining


Similar to gazebos, cabanas are stand-alone structures that are associated with pools or spas. They are usually used for changing, keeping your change items or shelter from the sun. Cabanas can be walled or not. Some luxurious cabanas are furnished with showers, bathrooms, dining furniture, cupboards, and even full kitchens.

Ideas for cabanas

  • wooden screens for extra privacy
  • deck and lounge back chairs
  • drinks mix bar
  • stereo system

Verandah, Deck or Patio

Patios and verandahs tend to have roofs while decks are often free standing without cover. All three are raised above ground. Decks can be used in swimming pool and spa areas, or be connected to your house as an open air outdoor space for entertaining.

Ideas for decks or patios

  • pot plants
  • water and weather proof outdoor furniture
  • railings and banisters to partition off the area from the rest of the garden
  • planting a row of trees to increase privacy


Terraces tend to be one or more floors off the ground, unlike decks. They can be open-air or covered, but they are usually larger than a balcony. Terraces are used in apartment buildings or strata schemes in high density housing. Rooftop gardens, dining space or an outdoor lounge are commonly found in open terraces.

Ideas for terraces

  • an outdoor spa
  • for windy areas, installing glass panels
  • hammocks and comfortable reading seats

Garden Corridors 

Garden corridors can be set along winding pathways, with or without arches and semi-coverage. Usually paved, these spaces are excellent for a relax walk. They can be the focal feature of any large backyard.

Ideas for garden corridors

  • use columns and arches
  • plant crawling vines and flowers along the corridor
  • place a full arch at the entrance and plant plenty of colourful crawling flowers
  • use rows of hedges to border either side of the corridor, along the entire length