If you are planning to build a new house or renovate an old one, sandstone is the right material to use. You may think that sandstone is only used as an outdoor paver, but you would be surprised at how versatile a material it is. Aesthetics aside, sandstone is very durable and has a high capacity to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Just how many good features does this material have? Here are seven reasons why you should use sandstone in your home:

1. Aesthetics

The most obvious reason why you should use sandstone is also the simplest to understand – it looks good! There is something very appealing about that earthly colour and those rugged grooves. Sandstone has the texture of hardened sand and its course surface reminds us of the natural rock formation in the outback.

Many people have used sandstone in the bathrooms and living room for this very reason. It is just such a beautiful material.

2. Versatility

The great thing about sandstone is that it lasts longer than almost any other material. Because it is a natural material, sandstone will stand the test of time for much longer than synthetic materials, like porcelain.

A great example of this versatility can be found in sandstone pavers.  You can almost guarantee that a patio built with sandstone pavers will last longer than one built with ceramic tiles.

3. Low Maintenance

The third reason why you should use sandstone for your home is that it requires very little maintenance.

But be careful; this does not mean that you do not need to maintain it at all. It simply means that you only need to give your sandstone pavers a quick rinse here and there – this will get rid of any fallen leaves that can end up staining your beautiful golden pavers.

With a little bit of maintenance, your pavers will remain as radiant as the day you installed them!

4. Wide Range of Uses

Have you ever heard of marble pool pavers? Have you ever tried to use porcelain as top soil? Well, believe it or not, sandstone can be used to pave around a pool and as ground mulch. It is a material that has such a wide range of potential uses. Sandstone works really well around pools and allows them to stay cool underfoot in the heat of summer. It must be exceptional quality stone as many pools use salt water which can cause degradadation to metal, concrete and stone as well. But sandstone pavers that have been tested and have a high resistance to slat attack can be a wonderful addition to your pool area.

5. Cleans With Water

If you happen to stain your sandstone pavers, you might think that you’d need to replace them. No amount of scrubbing has gotten that stain out, so what is there to do?

But before you call for a new set of outdoor pavers, stop by your local hardware store. Remember that sandstone is not acid resistant. The best way to safely and effectively clean it is with a high pressure hose (e.g Gurney or Kárcher). The results will be amazing – it will freshen the surface and make it look brand new.

6. Easily Cut

If you are using sandstone pavers, they can be easily cut into shape. Unlike more brittle materials that require high-tech equipment, sandstone is soft enough to cut and hard enough to withstand elemental damage.

7. Excellent Fastening

The seventh reason why you should use sandstone for your home is that it is excellent fastening with cement. This will go a long way in helping you when you want to install your sandstone pavers. It really eases the stress of the installation process.

Now that you know how beautiful, versatile and durable sandstone is, you have every reason to use sandstone in your home!