There’s nothing like sitting in front of an open fire on a cool evening or a warm summer’s day. Atmospheric and highly practical, grill pits have long been popular for a backyard BBQ or for impromptu backyard gatherings. Anyone can build their own backyard grill pit by using fire-resistant bluestone pavers or pavers recommended by your supplier. This blog shows you how to build your own circular dry stacked grill pit.


  • fire-resistant pavers, stone blocks, or stone cladding of choice.
  • metal grate
  • pit fire ring
  • carpenter’s level
  • gravel
  • shovel
  • chalk or marking paint
  • string and measuring tape


Before digging, start by marking out the area with some chalk or marking paint. Drive a stake into the very centre of your intended fire pit spot. For evenness, use a length of string tied to the stake to mark out the circumference of your circle.

When choosing a spot to build your fire, remember to keep it well away from overhanging tree branches, shrubbery, your house, and any other flammable structures.


Once you’ve marked out the circle, remove the stake and start digging. Depending on the size of your pit, your hole can be anywhere from 30 cm to 60 cm in depth or more. Use a carpenter’s level to check that the foundation is level.

It’s important to dig down and set up a foundation to keep your fire from sinking into soft soil. Digging down will also help your pit keep well-drained whenever it rains.

Laying the Foundation

Once you’ve finished digging, fill the centre of the pit with gravel to facilitate drainage.

Building the Pit

Lay out your pavers or stone blocks and re-adjust where necessary. Where the paver sits unevenly on the row below, cut the paver for a better fit. Use a carpenter’s level to check the height of each row as you continue laying the pavers.

Blocks with angled sides are best for making a circular fire pit. Aim to build the pit to a height of no more than a foot (or 76 cm) off the ground. This provides a good height if you’re sitting around the pit fire.

Once the pavers are laid out, use a pit fire ring to line the inside of your fire pit. This will provide your pavers and stones some protection from the fire. The ring should sit evenly within the paver wall.


Lay out some benches or chairs around the ring. When building fires, always stack lumber in and upward pyramid shape toward the centre of the ring. Use open fire BBQ grills and campfire rotisseries to make the most of your fire pit.


Always check with your local council for permission (where applicable) before building your fire pit and/or fire. Use these safety tips whenever building a fire:

  • Keep your fire clear of shrubbery, dry leaves, and other flammable materials.
  • Remember to check the news for weather and fire safety updates. Follow all recommended safety precautions when building a fire in your backyard, especially during the hot summer months.
  • Use a hose and thoroughly water the area around the fire pit before lighting the fire.