A combined stone and brick pathway is easy to build and makes a great eye-catching addition to your home. By paving a winding brick pathway through an edging of natural stone pieces, you’ll add character to your property – and you can do all of this in a weekend.

  • Mark out your pathway so that you know where to dig. Be sure to dial before you dig too so that you don’t hit a wire or pipeline.
  • Dig about 15 cm into the soil and ensure that the base is level. Compact this base as much as you can to create a firm bottom.
  • Add a layer of gravel around 5 cm deep. Compact this as much as possible to create a firm base.
  • Add a layer of sand around 2.5 cm thick. This will provide you with the perfect base on which to lay the bricks. You will need to ensure that this layer is level too.
  • Start at the end nearest your home and lay the bricks as neatly and as tightly as you can, winding the path loosely around stone pavers. Check they are level with a spirit level and use a rubber mallet to knock them into place.
  • Continue until you have a full path. You will then need to sweep sand into the gaps between the stones to hold them firmly in place.