When you decorate a home it is important that you choose the right colour tones to create an enjoyable and comfortable place to live. The colours in your home will have a significant impact on your experience of the property because different colours can affect your mood significantly and they will also absorb heat in different ways. The colours both inside and outside your home are important and should be chosen with care.

Keeping your Home Cool

The colour of the outside of your home is an important consideration and this is particularly true in Australia. This is because the colours you choose for your walls and roof will affect the temperature within your property. Darker colours tend to absorb more heat, so are better for cooler climates. In areas that experience hot temperatures during summer, selecting lighter coloured slate may be an option to reduce heat loads.

Changing the Mood Inside

Different colours within your home will create different moods. Darker rooms, for example, will create a warm and cosy feeling, whereas lighter rooms will feel larger and cooler. The colours you choose for the inside of your home will also depend upon the level of light that enters into each room. If a room is well lit then you will be able to opt for darker colours without a problem, but if a room is poorly lit then a darker colour can make a room feel depressing and cramped.

Colours for Your Outdoor Areas

Colour choices also extend to the outdoor areas of your home and in many ways these colours can be more important. When choosing both colour and material for surfacing outside areas consider factors like how much light an outdoor section receives. If in direct sunlight, a mid range colour is recommended as it will not generate too much glare or absorb too much heat.

However, darker and lighter toned pavers can easily be included in an outdoor area in more shaded sections. They can also be used to create contrast between your dominant paving colours, particularly by including them in borders or patterns of paved areas.

Garden Colours

Another key area of colour in your home is in the garden. Your garden can be exciting and vibrant if you are willing to put some time and effort in. To add appeal to your garden it is important to maintain it and keep it under control. One of the best looks you can create in a garden is that of multi-coloured flower beds. Creating blocks of colour will make your backyard exciting and add a wonderful and enjoyable place to relax around your home.