Attention to detail can make all the difference when it comes to creating an enjoyable backyard. A bit of careful planning, especially when it comes to the paving you choose, can help give your yard a lift.

Colours play a big part in creating an inviting backyard. Colour depends upon light, and every backyard gets a different balance of light and shade.  Use lighter pavers in shaded backyards and darker pavers in sunny backyards to create contrast. If your backyard gets a bit of sun and a bit of shade, try mixing up your paver shades by choosing a light-dark pattern.

You can also use lighter colours to create the illusion of space, while darker colours will fill larger spaces and make them seem more intimate and inviting. Lighter colours generally require a bit more maintenance to keep clean. Dirt, leaves, garden run-off and bird droppings can all discolour your pavers. A practical but less artistic choice may be to select darker tones, so that when dirt or stains do occur, they are not as noticeable.

The yard is part of your home, so it’s important for the colour scheme you choose to work across both your house and your yard.  Consider using paving that complements the built and natural environments, working with the colour of soil, trees, the garden, your fencing, the colour of your house or the colour of your roof.