Having a modern home these days can set you back quite a lot of money, though you can also get away with just updating main elements of your home’s interior — as opposed to the entire thing. Your home can sometimes look completely different with even just a rearranging of what you have already. The following are some other ways to help create a modern look for your home’s interior.


There is no better way to freshen up your house and have it looking modern than by changing the colour scheme and having it painted. Fresh new colours will make your place look like an entirely new home, and if you have it painted by professionals you probably won’t have to have it repainted for another seven to 10 years. Whether you paint everything or just paint one feature wall, you can make a space look 20 years more modern with some well-applied coats of the right colour and paint.


A surefire way to make your place look more modern is to upgrade your appliances and get yourself some fancy new gadgets. The look of your television, fridge, washing machine, computer and so on has a huge impact on how modern or out of date your home looks, so rather than spending tens of thousands on a renovation, spend far less and get some of the latest appliances.


Your home’s furniture says a lot about you and can potentially do a lot to date your home’s look. The style and colour of your furniture can make a huge impact on the look on your home, and sometimes just a couple of key pieces in important places can make everything else look up to date. You may have to pay a lot for some key furniture pieces for your home, such as couches, tables and lamps, but quality furniture items can definitely carry the look and feel of the entire house.

Outdoor entertaining area

Modern homes need great outdoor areas to entertain in, so if your home doesn’t have a good outdoor setup yet, getting this sorted out will update your home considerably. Whether you use bluestone pavers or outdoor tiles, establishing a patio area can be quite simple and will be guaranteed to modernise your home’s look. You will need to pick up some outdoor furniture as well.


Your choice of art says a lot about you, and a couple of high-quality original pieces can transform your entire home as if by magic. If your art is modern, an otherwise not-particularly-modern overall design will suddenly take on a more modern feel.

Climate control

Having a high-tech air conditioning system can quickly make an older home seem more modern, and you can get climate control features included in many modern home security systems. Though you can’t exactly see the climate control system, your ability to easily adjust conditions to suit your guests’ comfort will certainly be seen as a modern capability.

If you are starting to get bored with your place and want to make it look and feel a little more modern, try updating an element or two and swap some things around. These days, there really are plenty of fantastic and modern interior design improvements to be made, enabling you to turn your place into something really special.