The art of mosaic has seen a rapid resurgence of late, and is currently one of the hottest trends in home decor. Used on floors, walls, indoors and outdoors, mosaics are extremely durable and a fantastic way to inject some personality into a space.

Mosaics are traditionally designs consisting of small pieces of coloured stone or glass fitted together. It’s a decorating technique that has been done for hundreds of years, creating images and patterns that are both striking and unique. Mosaics evoke elegance and luxury, and come with a huge range of benefits:

Durability: Mosaics are generally created using raw materials such as stone, marble and glass, meaning they are incredibly durable and last significantly longer than other forms of coverings.

Maintenance: Once installed, mosaic tiles are virtually maintenance free. Providing the installation has been done properly, a simple clean now and again should be all they need to remain in good condition.

Value: While mosaicing doesn’t come cheap, the added value to your home makes it a sound investment. Home buyers commonly look for the feature in a potential property, knowing how decorative and durable a mosaic can be.

Uniqueness: A mosaic can be as big or as small as you like, can feature a range of colours and can be any design you wish. Mosaics can be plain in colour, intricate or simple. Most tiles are cut to order, so you decide!

Hygiene: Once installed and sealed, mosaic tiles are one of the most hygienic coverings you can lay. Germs and bacteria cannot live on tiles, making them safe for any area of your home.

Resilience: Mosaic tiles are extremely popular in bathrooms, and it’s easy to see why. No matter how hot or humid your bathroom gets, tiles remain unaffected, making them a perfect choice for wet rooms such as bathrooms as well as kitchens.

Ideas for mosaics

Mosaics look amazing in any area of your home, but especially in the garden, bathroom and kitchen areas. Why not try creating a garden path or adding a feature wall to your patio area? Jazz up the pool area or add detail to your driveway. A shower wall can be striking with a mosaic, and floors can look flawless and elegant. A mosaic backsplash is ideal behind cooktop and kitchen bench surfaces, as not only do tiles bring a level of uniqueness to the room but their heat resistance is also ideal for withstanding hot pots and pans.

Mosaics provide contrast and can inject life into an otherwise ordinary space. If you find your decor is lacking that something special, a mosaic could be the answer you are looking for.

About Bellstone mosaics

Bellstone’s quartzite and stone mosaics are the perfect way to create a style that can’t be repeated anywhere else. Designs don’t have to be grand to be striking, and in their simplest form Bellstone mosaics can invigorate stone floors, walls and stairs with borders and medallions using matching stone of different colour, angles and sizes.

Tiles can be ordered straight from the shelf or can be crafted by a local expert to support your theme.