While the idea of plush carpet, cork or slate tiles for the flooring in your house may all sound like good ideas, before you go picking anything out you should make sure you aren’t going to have to spend half of your life cleaning it. Each flooring option will have different benefits and require different levels of care, though depending on your lifestyle, you should find at least one of the following easy-to-clean flooring options will work well for you.


One of the most durable and easy-to-clean flooring options is to use tiles, with ceramic or natural stone - both are fabulous options. The larger the tiles, the less grout lines you will need to clean, and apart from being cold in the winter, the only other drawback of having tiles is that anything you drop is pretty much guaranteed to break. For those who aren’t quite so clumsy and want a sleek and easy-to-clean look, tiles are always a fantastic option.

Tiles are an ideal option for those with pets as they are easy to clean and hard to scratch or damage. Similarly, allergy sufferers tend to find tiles easier to manage and keep clean compared to carpet. Tiles of the stone variety are also wonderful for nature lovers and those who appreciate naturally produced materials and homewares.


This classy flooring option is easily one of the best looking as well as one of the easiest to clean, so providing the area won’t have much in the way of moisture, hardwood flooring can be the best option. Usually, hardwood floors will be sealed with a finish that protects it against most minor damage and makes it extremely easy to clean, but watch out for sharp objects, because they can cause significant gouges to the hardwood’s surface.


One of the most popular flooring surfaces in modern homes, cork is popular for a whole host of reasons — among them, how easy it is to clean. Cork floors are usually sealed in a similar way to hardwood, though being a little softer, you will feel less fatigue walking on them, and are a better chance of having a dropped glass or dish survive the fall. Available in an increasingly large range of colours, patterns and designs, cork is becoming one of the most popular choices when it comes to Australia’s flooring needs.


Considering linoleum can be made from 100% renewable products and is extremely durable and easy to clean, it is little surprise that it has been popular for so many generations. You don’t see it so much anymore, but it can still be a good option depending on the space.


For a flooring option in parts of your home that are more practical than comfortable, such as the garage or workshop, concrete is a highly durable and therefore easy-to-clean flooring option. It isn’t the most comfortable of floors to stand on for hours on end, but with polished concrete your floor will be looking great and can be easily cleaned with a sweep and a mop.

There can be a sizable difference between flooring options when it comes to keeping them clean, though a lot depends on how likely they are to become dirty. Think about how you are going to be able to keep your floors clean long before you have them installed, because chances are your fancy floor won’t look great for long if it is near impossible to clean.