Fixing Slate - Copper Nails are for Keeps


Hundreds of nails are used to fix slate to roof battens. Sometimes the longevity of a roof can be determined by the quality of nails used. If nails corrode in salt or polluted air slates can slide off a roof long before their lifetime performance has been met. Falling slates are dangerous and both nails and slates are costly to replace.

The best nails are copper, they cost a little more especially when copper prices are so high but if their initial cost is written off against their longevity, they are a better investment than cheaper alternatives. Ask to have the type of nails to be used specified when seeking quotes for work.

Roofing nails or clouts should be a minimum thickness of 2.8mm and 30mm long; the nail should be long enough to penetrate the batten by a minimum of 15mm (AS2334).