There is nothing better than having an awesome outdoor area for entertaining your family and friends throughout the year, and when summer comes around you are going to want to have guests over every other night. The biggest concern for summertime entertaining is finding a way to keep you and your guests cool enough to make the most of being outside. The following are a few solutions for staying cool in your outdoor areas at home this summer.

Get a pool

The ultimate way to have everyone a little cooler in your backyard is to take the plunge and get yourself a swimming pool. It can be a significant financial investment, and it takes a lot of work to maintain a pool, but on those scorching hot summer days your place will be crowded with all of your mates desperate to cool down, and your investment will be all worth it.

Install a gazebo

To get cool you are going to need to get yourself some shade, making a gazebo an excellent idea for providing comfort for you and your friends or family members. Not only will you be able to cool down in your own little patch of shade, but if the weather turns quickly and a storm rolls through, you’ll be able to keep relaxing under the cover of your gazebo without your little shindig missing a beat.

More plants

If it is a little dry and desert-like in your yard, it can be hard for any cool air to hang around long enough to help you out, so think about greening up your landscape and putting heaps of plants in. Even if it is just a tiny concrete patio, if you fill it with every kind of fern and plant you are sure to notice the decrease in temperature, and your little jungle will likely become your ‘cool place’.


Having the ability to bust out some shade with a retractable awning will do wonders for everyone’s comfort levels at your place when it starts getting hot. You can get everything from a small, two-person cover to a fully automated retractable covering for your entire backyard. Regardless of the size or model, a good awning can make a huge difference to staying cool enough to be able to remain outside in the heat of summer.

A second mini-kitchen

Having the ability to not just barbecue, but also use an oven, deep fryer, fridge and so on when outside, makes entertaining way easier and gets everyone out of the stinking hot kitchen. Use pavers or other outdoor tiles to establish a stable floor for a kitchen space, get yourself the necessary appliances, and call in your sparkie to get you some power out there.

Finding a way to be able to cut the temperature by a few degrees can make all the difference when it comes to hanging out in your backyard in the summer. Often, all it takes is providing that one extra feature, and your entire backyard setup can start to finally feel like the refuge you always wanted it to be.