If you have a dull, boring side passage at home, you can transform it and your yard into a fun, inspiring space by building a stepping-stone pathway.

A stepping-stone pathway can be low maintenance and affordable if you choose the right pattern and pavers to suit your budget and needs.

Here’s how to build a pathway with stepping stones, according to Better Homes and Gardens:

1. Remove weeds and level out the area. Then use set-out paint to mark both ends of where the path will be.

2. Lay down a pair of pavers at both ends of the path. Then place a string line between the end pavers and lay out the rest of the pavers along the line.

3. You can embed the pavers in a sand and cement mix or apply road base and paving sand on the pathway. Make sure the pavers are level and even with each other, and if required, tap them down with a rubber mallet.

4. Lock the pavers in place by creating a neat edge of the sand and cement mix using a trowel.

5. Once the path is done, add low-maintenance plants such as philodendron, liriope and clivias and cover them with mulch.