Paving an outdoor entertainment area is simple and will only take up to two days, so make sure the weather forecast is good before starting the project. Masters Home Improvement have a great guide for the best way to lay your pavers.

Choosing the pavers

There are various paving options to choose from, with different colours, sizes, shapes, textures and patterns. It’s important to consider design preferences and that the paving matches the colour and style of the home and garden.

Planning the paving

Before planning the design, measure the area that will be paved, including the number of square metres.

If pooling water is a problem in the area, consider laying agi-pipes or strip drains. For a patio that will be set up against the side of the home, create a slope away from the house to stop water from pooling.

Preparing the site

Place stakes on each of the four square corners and attach strings between them at the planned area level. Then alter the string for creating the slope to prevent pooling water.

With a shovel, create a depth that will fit 10cm of hardcore, a thin layer of sand, and the thickness of the pavers. Level out the hardcore with a rake, making it dense for a solid base, and then do the same with the sand after pouring it over the surface.

Laying the paving

Lay the pavers on the compacted sand to see if they fit, with 2-4mm gaps for applying mortar. Then remove the pavers, add mortar and lay the pavers again one by one. Tap the slabs into place with a timber piece and rubber mallet and level them out.

Wait one day for the base mortar to set. If it will rain, put plastic sheeting over the pavers. Finally, fill the gaps with mortar, wait one more day, and it’s all done.