Anyone can make the most of a small outdoor area, whether one lives in an apartment, bungalow, townhouse or detached home, according to realtor Christina Rordam.

Fix the fixtures

When decorating the front door or backyard, lights with motion sensors or hanging pendant lights can add security to the home, whereas solar-powered pathway lights can help brighten the way.

Add colour and character

Consider painting a bucket or a box planter in bright blue or red and then add flowers. All-weather flowers range from chrysanthemums to bougainvillea and pansies. For those with a balcony, hang flowerpots on a trellis for a vertical garden. A tiered planter or topiary is another idea. A wooden ladder or leaning shelf can also be painted to add colour and then place some potted plants. Designing upwards rather than outwards can also save space.

Spruce up the backyard

For a small backyard, place pathway pavers or stepping stones over landscape pebbles. Then add solar-powered lights and simple grasses along the path. A water feature can also be placed on a wall or anywhere in the yard.