Moving pavers can be a huge task, whether it’s paving a pathway or patio, according to blogger The Impatient Home Builder.

The blogger knew he could buy pavers from a supplier, but these could only be obtained in small batches. Luckily, a neighbour was selling their old pavers – lots of them. They were in just the right amount, colour and size. Since pavers don’t deteriorate, they had lasted a long time and would be perfectly fine to use in a new project.

There were around 3000 pavers, which is 1000 square feet and 12 tons or 24,000 pounds altogether. After getting quotes for moving the pavers, the expense was too much, so the blogger chose to do it himself.

Here’s what was required to complete the task over a couple of weeks:

  • Loading the pavers into a Gorilla wagon one by one
  • Piling up the pavers in the trailer, which were then wrapped and tied down
  • Driving the pavers to the site, where the area was outlined with 2×4 scrap wood
  • Unloading the pavers on 10 pallets
  • Wearing leather gloves (he wore through 4 pairs in total)
  • Drinking lots of water

Moving pavers takes a lot of hard work, but it can be done – and the effort is worth it for a perfectly paved yard or pathway!