Building a paved outdoor area is a great way to enjoy the alfresco lifestyle, according to Home Improvement Pages.

Paving the outdoors means careful budgeting, planning and consideration. Make sure the paving option chosen is suitable for the area that is to be renovated.

When choosing which pavers to use, consider the following:

  • Material – There are different paving materials, such as brick, concrete, clay, poured limestone, and many other options.
  • Style – The paving must fit aesthetically with the home’s architecture and the outdoor area.
  • Purpose – The paving will need to complement how the area will be used.
  • Budget – Budgeting will help determine which pavers to buy. Some pavers are more expensive than others.

A limestone-paved alfresco area is another idea, particularly for those with a swimming pool. Limestone paving combines liquid limestone with exposed-aggregate concrete and is poured on the site.

Some of the benefits of limestone paving include:

  • It feels cool, as residual heat is not retained
  • Comes in various tints, finishes and patterns
  • Long-term strength and durability
  • Can be customised
  • Will not move or subside
  • Prevent weeds and insects from entering the paving
  • Save money on water bills