When laying pavers, the cost will depend on a number of factors. It’s important to get quotes from suppliers and for the installation.

When getting quotes, here are some things to consider as the supplier and installer might ask about them, according to Home Improvement Pages:


1. Paving a driveway, pathway or patio

You will need different bases depending on where you’re laying pavers. For a driveway, laying a concrete base is important before laying the pavers on top. A gravel base can be used for pathways, while a concrete base is necessary for a patio, which can be thinner than the base for a driveway.

2. Level or sloping surface

A level driveway is cheaper than a driveway with a slope. The cost per square metre for a level concrete driveway could be $65, whereas for a sloping concrete driveway, it could cost $75.

3. Paver type

Some pavers are easier to lay than others. It will be faster and simpler to lay square pavers of 500mm x 500mm compared to small rectangular pavers.

4. Border pavers or just pavers

Paving with border pavers or a complex pattern will be more expensive than just laying uniform pavers.

Furthermore, it’s important to get quotes for the entire paving job, including the cost per square metre for buying and installing pavers, as well as hourly rates. A supplier could provide a good deal but the installer could offer an expensive one. Installing pavers that cost $100 per square metre for 10 hours is cheaper and better than $65 for 16 hours.