In the past two decades there has been a dramatic shift quietly taking place in the way Australians perceive their outdoor space.

Large grassy lawns use a lot of water and are hard to maintain, and with our increasingly busy lifestyles Australians are opting instead for large patio areas. Patios are practical, and a well designed patio is an aesthetically pleasing extension to the home.


Careful selection of the right pavers will provide great enhancement to the look of the home. There are numerous choice of pavers available so make sure that you do your research on the cost of supply and installation.

You will need to consider what type of pavers best suit your home. You can choose from a variety of pavers such as concrete pavers which are relatively inexpensive to natural stone pavers such as those made from limestone. This will all affect the cost, according to Home Improvement Pages.

Once you have chosen your pavers you will need to factor in the cost of sealer and of having the pavers laid and grouted. While you can save money by doing this yourself, it can be a painstaking task as pavers need to be laid flat level and properly spaced out.