It is always nice to plant a garden around your home, but it is not always easy to do with some properties. In shaded backyards in particular you will struggle to get plants to grow because of the low levels of light that they will be able to enjoy. Planting in shaded areas is possible with the right amount of care and attention, however. Consider these tips on how to create a beautiful garden in a shaded area.

Be Minimal

You will not be able to grow a thick and luscious garden in a shaded area because there simply will not be enough light to supply a large number of plants with the energy that they need to grow. This does not mean that you cannot have a garden, but it does mean you will need to limit what you attempt to grow. Creating a patio area with small flower beds built into it is one of the best ways to limit the amount that will grow and still create a beautiful garden. Alternatively you can create a patio area with large pots of flowers or small trees decorating your paved area.

Supply Nutrients

As there is a lack of sunlight in shaded areas you will need to take extra care to ensure that the plants have all of the nutrients that they need. Using peat to line a flower bed or flowerpot is a good way to start because this will mean that the soil is rich with the nutrients that your plants need. Additionally you should be sure to water the plants with nutrients to keep the soil rich.

Pick the Right Plants

Some plants require a great deal of light to grow and bloom, but other plants are far better suited to areas with lower levels of light. Plants that have evolved to survive on the bottom of forest floors, for example, will be ideal for shaded spaces. Generally the darker the leaves of the plant the better they will survive where the light is scarce. In Australia there are many beautiful plants that can survive well with low levels of light. A good example is the Black Boy plant, which is dark and dramatic in appearance. These plants will survive effectively and can make your shaded garden area look very impressive.

Raise your Garden

Another option is to lift your garden above the area that is in the shade. You can plant a pagoda or create a wire frame for plants to grow on. This will require a greater amount of effort to begin with, but it can make a patio area more appealing and private too. There are many climbing plants that can be used for this and the bold and dramatic colours will work wonderfully with your home.

Trial and Error

Planting in a shaded area is more difficult than planting where the sun is prominent, but this does not mean that you are unable to create a beautiful garden. Different plants will take hold in the area depending upon the quality of your soil and the way that you treat them, but you can be certain to find something that works for you. With a small amount of trial and error you will be certain to succeed in creating a garden where there is only low levels of light.

Create Focal Points

A smaller space, doesn’t automatically mean a garden has less opportunity to shine. It just means paying more attention to the small details. Take a look at your outdoor space and think about areas that could contain a simple potted palm as a focal point. If your area is paved, consider the design and how plant placement could work with the directional lines created by the pavers layout. Try to make your overall colour scheme in terms of flowers, pots, and outdoor surfacing work together to complement each other.