Out of all the outdoor areas, the side passage is often neglected. Sprucing it up and adding colour and character will liven up the space. These tips from can help you liven up your space.

Paint the fence. A tired-looking fence can do with a paint job to add a splash of colour and for a fresh, modern look. An airless spray paint gun can make the job easier and quicker, but make sure to dilute it with water or a thinning agent to prevent clogged lines.

Use posts or troughs. With a concrete side passage, use posts or troughs. Choose a range that is lightweight, with classic and modern designs. The troughs can be moved around easily and don’t stick out that much from the fence. A high-quality potting mix with water-saving crystals and a slow-release fertiliser reduces regular plant maintenance needs.

Choose upright plants. Natural upright plants such as rubra and grey star can withstand low light levels and still allow anyone to walk through the side passage with ease.

Lay a paved walkways. Build a paved walkway with pebbles or sand and a matching colour to the troughs. Lay the pavers about 700 mm apart above the slab on a sand and cement mix. Then surround them with gravel, which can assist in trough drainage.

Add a feature. Place an antique oriental screen to the fence for a beautiful sight.