Stackstone is comprised of small resin-bonded pieces of stone in lateral patterns. It’s the epitome of a natural stone look. This is a particularly popular form of cladding, providing a rock facing with the extreme durability and elegant tones of quartzite and slate. Stackstone is rapidly becoming a favorite for designers and homeowners because of its high ornamental values and excellent design flexibility.

Stackstone protection and design 

Stackstone may be ornamental, but it’s also an excellent form of cladding, and it uses tough stone like quartzite. It’s a practical building approach to cladding issues with a real permanent solution to any requirement for tough materials, as well as a great look.

This isn’t a “building blocks” approach as a design feature, either. Stackstone produces a vast range of texture options, and as a design feature it’s a definite statement of style. As well as cladding, it can be used for privacy screens, feature areas in gardens, you name it.

The stone look- Working with Stackstone

The “stone look” is also the top of the market look, and is very much in demand. If you like the stackstone idea, you’ll be pleased to hear that your range of choices is practically unlimited. This basic design principle includes everything from the most modern stone look to almost ancient stone styles, and the quintessential Australian look using colored stone, and lots of it. Stackstone is great for running water features, so have a good long think about what you want and what you like.

Note: Keep stackstone in mind if you have any stone projects which are looking a bit difficult or too pricey. You may find it’s a better and simpler building option, as well as a cheaper solution.

Color and Stackstone features for top design

The really big deal about color and stackstone is that it lets your design ideas off the leash, in no uncertain terms. Stackstone allows you to do what a conventional stone masonry project often won’t: Survive paying for it.

Stone is back in real world design, thanks to stackstone, and it’s back to stay. You can design in real stone, to your heart’s content, and without your wallet trying to escape. The added beauty of stackstone design is that you can literally cost it down to the square metre.

If you see large numbers of architects, landscapers and designers in a stone supplier showroom, (and you will), that’s why. These people work with the top upmarket home designs, and they go looking for realistic materials at sane prices. That’s where they find them.

A “No Worries” option - Stackstone at work in the home

If you want to spend entire weekends cleaning or repairing things, stackstone may be a problem. It sometimes needs cleaning once every so many Blue Moons, and rarely needs any work done. Even an earthquake wouldn’t necessarily do much damage. It’s no wonder stackstone is so popular in Australia, because it’s a real No Worries option.