When it comes to classic interior design, everything comes back to the foundations, and there’s nothing more elegant than a stone floor.  The practice of using stone for interior flooring has been tried and tested over many years, so it should be no surprise that plenty of variety is available.


  • Flagstone is a strong, visually unobtrusive stone that works perfectly for outdoor settings like pathways and patios.
  • Granite is incredibly hard and scratch resistant, so it will last and won’t accumulate damage, plus it comes in a lot of different colours.
  • Limestone is a soft stone, with a light colour that creates the feeling of space in small rooms and especially in the back room of home units that get little natural light.
  • Marble is probably the best looking stone, thanks to the brilliant veins that run through it.
  • Sandstone in natural split form has a textured surface, and it comes in a wide range of colours to suit any setting. Sandstone with a honed surface has a smooth, denim-like texture.

Remember that each stone looks different based on how it’s finished.  Some finishes look better on certain kinds of stones.

  • Polishing creates a shiny, appealing finish.
  • Honed stone has a duller, matte look to it.
  • Tumbled stone has an attractive, roughened surface that creates a rustic appearance.
  • Flamed stone is heated and cooled rapidly to make a slip-resistant surface.

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