Over time, pools and pool deck areas can become damaged, faded, and worn. Use these 10 practical ideas to give your old pool a new lease on life. From upgrading outdoor pavers in your pool deck area to adding new water features, these tips are sure to inspire you into action.

1. Resurface Your Pool Deck

Your pool deck is the first thing that anyone walking into the pool area will notice. The condition of the tiles or other surfacing material impacts on the enjoyment of the area since it’s is an integral part of the pool. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to resurface your deck. Along with other natural materials, sandstone pavers are a popular choice for pool areas and are available in natural colours that will blend in with the rest of your garden area. They are appropriate for children and families as they have anti-slip properties especially when wet.

2. Adding an Additional Water Feature

Additional water features such as separated raised rock pool can introduce a sense of movement to the water. It can also serve as a focal point to your pool area. Elegant features such as wall fountains can be integrated with your pool or installed as a standalone element to enhance both the look and operation of the pool.

3. Lighting

Lighting within the pool and around the pool area can liven up the space for enjoyment at night. Good pool lighting can set off the colour of the water, enhancing safety, while good deck area lighting makes the outdoor space and any patio spaces much more enjoyable when the sun goes down.

4. Updating Equipment 

Updating filtration and plumbing equipment can not only make your pool more pleasant to swim in, it can reduce excessive noise (in the case of very old pool filtration systems) and help maintain water temperatures more effectively.

5. Creating a Semi-Outdoor Recreation Room

If your pool deck area lacks a semi-enclosed area, adding a cabana or a gazebo can help you get more out of the space by providing more options for activities. A cabana can facilitate enjoyment of music, drinks, and food preparation. Guests will have more space to socialise and chat.

6. Bring in Pool Accessories

Pool accessories are a great way to get more functionality out of your pool. Common accessories include diving boards, slides, floating chairs and drink serving tables, or awning areas for shading.

7. Update the Deck Furniture

If your pool deck furniture has seen better days, update the deck chairs and tables. Keep furniture out of the sun or covered with awning when not in use and they will last longer.

8. Install an Outdoor Shower

Outdoor showers are excellent additions to pool deck areas, allowing pool users to fresh up before going back indoors. Outdoor showers are easy to install next to a pool. You may want to provide some screens or position the shower around the corner for extra privacy.

9. Raise a Section of the Deck

Depending on the overall design of the pool, raising sections of the deck with extra pavers can give the space more dimension and create a separate space for relaxation. An alternative idea is to have a spa installed in a raised and semi-enclosed section of the deck.

10. Plants

Plants can bring colour and variety to the deck area of the pool. When incorporated with stone cladding or elegant ceramic pots, they can make the pool area luxurious and opulent.