Bluestone is one of the most valued stones in architecture. This is a stone which is extremely tough, unaffected by weather, chemicals or sunlight. It’s extremely versatile, and can be used for a huge range of roles in home design. Bluestone is a volcanic rock which can be used in the most demanding situations in building, indoors and outdoors.

Bluestone for everything- a tile for all uses 

The extreme strength of bluestone makes it a unique option for a very wide range of uses. Some types of stone tile are too brittle to take very hard usage, which is where bluestone really comes into its own as a design element. Top quality stone is used for cladding and salt water pools because of its high salt tolerance.

If you’re looking at design options for stone, bluestone is the safe, no worries bet every time. Bluestone tiles and pavers are tougher than their environments. They can survive anything and everything, whether it’s a party or an earthquake. You really can’t go wrong with bluestone.

Bluestone for elegance and color schemes

Bluestone is so famous for its toughness that people often forget what an elegant stone it really is. The color and style range in bluestone is excellent. Colors range from deep, almost black blues to fine blue greys. Those perfect smooth finishes on a quiet toned stone floor that you see everywhere are almost always bluestone.

You really don’t have to make any design compromises with bluestone. It goes with everything, every colour scheme and every taste. Bluestone is used in both the ultra modern designer homes and the super conservative mansions. It’s often used as a design feature in its own right.

Bluestone for safety - non slip surfaces

Flamed bluestone is also a high traction safety material around the home, some built-in insurance against accidents. One of the most common uses of bluestone is as a non-slip surface, in the home and in shopping areas and around pools. Flamed and natural cut surfaces are the preferred choices for this use, and they’re used on internal surfaces where strollers and wheelchairs access is involved.

Bluestone forever - durability

Some bluestones have already outlasted the dinosaurs, so they’re well prepared to deal with a family home full of young kids, too. One of the reasons for the high popularity of bluestone is that it’s as close to a no-maintenance material as you can get. People who’ve suffered from damaged areas in the past usually pick bluestone to permanently solve their problems in those areas.

Bluestone paving is another very useful option, particularly if you’re matching other bluestone design features. It’s the classic driveway stone, able to take big loads without any risk of stress. It looks good, it needs no maintenance at all, and it’s utterly reliable in this role.

Talk to a builder, architect or designer about hard wearing stone anywhere in a building, and the answer will be bluestone, every time.