Chinese slate is a benchmark in the design industry for what a slate should be. This is extremely high quality stone, very consistent, very tough, and very elegant. Chinese slate comes in several types, each with its own special characteristics. Chinese slate flooring is an utterly dependable design element, prized by designers around the world. Its unique character and seemingly endless range of uses in any design environment.

An introduction to Chinese slate

The extraordinary thing about Chinese slate is its physical character. Chinese slates are very high density stones. Slates as a whole are exceptionally durable stones, and Chinese slates are at the top of the range in that regard. These slates can be turned into interior or exterior uses, and even used in wet areas.

The versatility of the Chinese slates alone would make them popular enough with builders, designers and architects. That’s just the beginning of what these incredible stones can do, however.

Chinese slates also come in a range of colours from classic black to fiery, dazzling reds and oranges, and a cool green range of shades. This all-colours range includes exceptionally fine, regular and immaculate solid colours and black slates, as well as the dazzling colours of the red spectrum.

The Chinese slates comprise a complete palette for the most demanding designer. They provide the sort of physical quality required for truly demanding environments, as well as the exceptional range of colours and character of the very best slates.

Types of Chinese slate

The different types of Chinese slate tiles are like a tool kit for designers. Each type has its own special role and capabilities:

  • Chinese Arctic Green: This slate would look at home in the most modern business environment or in a cozy family living room. Green and green-blue, the typical Arctic Green colours, are also solid colours, with some subtle lines and features typical of good quality slate. Find out more.
  • Chinese Black: This slate will look familiar. That’s because it’s the epitome of the top of the range slates of all time. It’s a solid grey-black with subtle, muted variations in tone. This really is the sort of slate they put in palaces in ancient times, because it was the best stone, bar none. Find out more.
  • Chinese North Country: This is a blue, green slate with swirls of brown-yellow, sometimes with strong, unexpected reds, providing a wonderfully warm and artistic range of colours. This colouring is also rapidly becoming one of the most sought-after interior design effects around the world, and you can see why. Find out more. 
  • Chinese Sunrise: This is Chinese slate’s answer to the fabulous Indian slates, and any designer will tell you the choice between them is very difficult. Chinese Sunrise is a multicoloured slate with an exceptionally large spectrum of colours. If you find yourself surprised that two tiles which seem almost utterly different are in fact the same stone, that’s typical of this type of Chinese slate. Find out more. 

If you’re looking for a type of stone which can be used absolutely anywhere, in any design, start with the Chinese slates.