Resurfacing is a relatively easy and low-cost way to give your bathroom a makeover without having to replace the old bathroom with a new one. You can still make use of all the existing fittings, but update them for a fresh new appearance.

A bathroom resurface will give your old worn fixtures and fittings and cracked, chipped surfaces a shiny new look. It works by applying a heavy glossy coating and porcelain, ceramic or fibreglass.

Specialist bathroom resurfacers can greatly improve the look of your bathroom by providing services such as sealing up joints and recaulking tub and tile joins, cleaning chrome fixtures, repairing chips and scratches on ceramic surfaces, restoring and polish baths and sinks, and resurfacing ceramic wall tiles. The service can be completed in two days.

The cost to resurface a bathroom varies. However, Home Improvement Pages suggests you can expect to pay around $400 to $600 or more to resurface a bath and around $250 to $400 or more for a basin.