For those thinking of paving their driveway, it’s important to consider the cost of paving materials and installation and how it will enhance the home’s value and appearance.

The cost of a driveway with plain concrete can be used as a benchmark in calculating the cost of paving a driveway. This way, it’ll be easier to figure out the cost of having a driveway with decorative designs.

The cost of a level concrete driveway that is 30 square metres may be $2000. If the surface has decorations, it would cost more. But there are low-cost options available, according to Home Improvement Pages. Using the 30-square metre driveway as an example for costs, you might expect to pay:


  • Coloured concrete – About $2300.
  • Spray-painted concrete – Around $2600, with $20 or more per square metre.
  • Exposed-aggregate concrete – Around $3000.

A more decorative option is concrete stencilling, with a simple, repeat pattern and one colour, and the concrete will appear like grout. The stencilling can be taken further with a complex pattern, more colours and a border with a contrasting colour. The cost per square metre for the simple pattern is $35-$50 and for the complex one it’s $85-$100. For the 30-square metre driveway, the total cost would be $3000-$5000.

The driveway could last longer by applying natural stone pavers over a base of concrete. The cost per square metre for buying pavers is $25-$100 and installing them is $65-$100. The total cost would be $4700-$8000 for the 30-square metre driveway.