Tiles can make a fantastic addition to just about any home, as they look great, are easy to clean and last a very long time, and in the rare case that you have to deal with a cracked or loose tile, they are also quite easy to replace. The following looks at how to replace cracked or loose floor tiles in your home.

Step One – Remove The Cracked Tile

The first thing you need to do is to remove that cracked or loose tile. This can be as simple as prying it out with a chisel, however it can sometimes require quite a bit more work. Before you start your efforts, find out whether or not it is vital for you to save the tile to reuse it, because if you can afford to break it up it will be a lot easier to get it out.

Step Two – Clear The Area

Once you have the tile out, ensure that you remove every little piece of tile or grout from the hole as well, because in order for your replacement floor tile to fit in properly there needs to be enough room for it. Tape and cover the tiles surrounding the one you are replacing to avoid them from being damaged, and then with a hammer and chisel, slowly chip away anything that could impede your replacement tile fitting in. Once you are certain that you have the area clear, give it a quick vacuum just to be sure.

Step 3 – Replace Tile

Once the area has been comprehensively cleared and cleaned you are ready to replace that tile. Take your replacement tile, and using a small trowel spread mortar across the entire underside of the tile, ensuring that you provide an even coverage of mortar. Then place the tile in the space you have prepared for it. Gently press the tile into place, and use any straight edged tool to ensure that the new tile lines up and is level with all the others. Once you have the replacement tile perfectly in place, leave it for 24 hours to set.

Step 4 – Grout

Once the new tile has set you will need to grout it. So using a large sponge and any regular grout mix (prepared according to it’s instructions), push the grout into place around the edges of the new tile, making sure that any gaps between the tiles are well and truly filled. Don’t worry too much if you get any grout on the tiles at this stage. Once you have grouted around the edge of the new tile, leave it to set for 10 minutes, then with a clean, damp sponge, wipe off any excess grout from around the replacement tile and any other tiles needing it.

Once you have completed the grouting you are finished replacing your tile, however it takes 3 weeks for the grout to fully set, so you should treat it as gently as you can until then.

After the 3 weeks is up, you are in the clear. Congratulations on replacing your own tile! Your DIY effort likely saved you quite a lot of money.