Cobblestone paths are a great addition to your home or yard. Here are some tips on making a cobblestone path that will add character to your property.

  • Take care when deciding where to place your cobblestone path – avoid high traffic areas, as cobbles can be difficult to walk on. This is especially true when wearing heels.
  • Take the time to hand-pick the cobblestones that you intend to use. This will take time, but will ensure a better-looking finish.
  • Select a range of sizes because you will need stones that fit all areas of the puzzle.
  • Dig 10 – 12 cm as a foundation, and lay crushed rock as a base.
  • Put down a layer of sand so that cobbles can be easily set into place.
  • Make sure each stone is level as you lay them down. This may involve digging in some cases, or adding more sand in others. Pack plenty of sand around and underneath each stone.
  • Keep stepping back regularly to view your work. Re-set any cobbles that are too high or not level.
  • When you’re done, use a hose to wash sand from the surface of the cobbles and leave your path to dry.