Granite is one of the all time great building stones. Historically, it was used as a structural material because of its strength as well as its appearance. Today, it’s an extremely popular and reliable decorative stone, coming in many colors and tones. Granite is elegant, as well as tough, and it allows brilliant ranges of interior design.

Granite character- expressions in stone

Granite is a very familiar stone in Australian homes, and is one of the traditional Australian building materials. It’s unique as an expressive stone, containing a huge range of subtle, environmentally friendly, as well as design-friendly, possibilities. Its absolute reliability in any environment covers any doubts about wear and tear issues, particularly in high traffic areas in the home.

Unlike other types of flooring, using granite you don’t need to replace the house after hard family usage. Granite’s great for areas where anything may get tramped in by a pair of wandering feet. Whatever’s been traipsed into the home, it’ll bounce off the tough granite, which looks none the worse for wear.

This is one of granite’s strongest features, the ability to combine extreme durability with terrific looks and practical solutions to basic household situations. Granite can handle pets, kids, gardeners, footballers, and even teenagers.

The beauty of granite tiles

A granite floor, with its graceful tones and the huge ranges of textures granite can produce, is a thing of beauty. It’s the setting for the room, and a strong environmental element in the home. As a type of flooring for large areas, it’s ideal, providing a real motif for open plan houses and other demanding architectural forms where the floor also operates as an architectural, as well as a design consideration and décor motif.

Designing with granite

Granite is also highly regarded as a stone to work with by designers because of its adaptability to different design roles. Granite’s fine grains and nuanced detail make it a natural decorator, and a finished granite floor is a true design statement.

The great advantage of working with granite in design is that granite is a no-nonsense, tradesman-friendly stone. It’s very hard to cut, but it’s easy to work with on a site plan, and its dependability as a working stone makes it popular as a reliable material in any design context.

Top of the range color schemes with granite tiles

Choosing colors with granite is a lot of fun, and the choices are always interesting. The “grey granite look” is a good example. This look now very fashionable, and with plenty of good reasons. The grey look acts as a good lighting control, reducing reflected glare without darkening the area.

Granite is also an option for swimming pools, particularly salt water swimming pools, where its high tolerance for salt makes it a real choice in terms of durability. Outdoor granite pavers are also excellent value in terms of color, providing the strength as well as the right color scheme for the job.