Sandstone is one of the most recognisable materials in any backyard. The beautiful golden and textured finish of sandstone pavers and sandstone tiles are well documented but, believe it or not, there are many more ways to use sandstone in your backyard, including non-aesthetic uses such as ground mulch. Sandstone is truly one of the best materials available to home owners who want to redesign their backyards and homes.

So how can you make the most out of sandstone in your backyard?

Sandstone Rubble

Don Burke from Burke’s Backyard says the secret to growing native plants is to use crushed sandstone instead of soil. He goes on to say: “planting natives into rock rubble works because it duplicates the natural, wild conditions where most of these plants evolved”. The sandstone works as a free-draining medium for native Australia plants and helps them grow naturally. In no time your little saplings will grow into healthy plants that will make a beautifully vibrant garden.

Architectural Design Uses

Sandstone can be shaped into a myriad of different objects; it is soft enough to engrave shapes and symbols upon, but strong enough to withstand the elements. This makes it the ideal material for architectural projects. Here is a list of its potential uses in architectural projects:

  • Birdbaths – A sandstone birdbath is a beautiful addition to your backyard and the good news is that it is relatively inexpensive to purchase one pre-made.
  • Pillars – Sandstone pillars can give your backyard a more exotic vibe. And they complement sandstone fences really well.
  • Fountains – A well placed and well designed sandstone fountain can be the feature that takes your backyard to the next level.

Sandstone Pavers

As one of the more common uses of sandstone in backyards, sandstone pavers are both elegant and inexpensive. Used in the place of outdoor tiles, sandstone pavers are used to create patios, footpaths, pool areas, and many other outdoor surfaces. The beautiful colours of sandstone range from light straw to honey, and go particular well with backyards teeming with plants and greenery.

Sandstone also is the perfect material to use for border or edging. A simple sandstone border around your driveway, patio, or walkway will look fantastic.

Sandstone Walls

Sandstone is a great material to use for walls because it is long-lasting and versatile. If you take proper care of your sandstone walls, they will likely last longer than the rest of your backyard!

A sandstone wall can really transform your backyard into something special. It doesn’t have to be a property dividing wall, many sandstone walls look better as parapets. Again, if you have a particularly green backyard the sandstone will look even better. If your backyard is not green, then lay some grass around the sandstone wall. This will create a beautiful natural contrast.

Sandstone is a very versatile material. It can be shaped and moulded into almost anything – from rubble for your soil, to beautiful architectural structures. So if you haven’t made use of sandstone in your backyard, head to your nearest sandstone supplier and make your backyard beautiful again!