A beautiful tree in a backyard or front yard can look amazing, but can cause problems if the roots of the tree push up the pavers of a patio or other paved area. Dislodged, uneven pavers do not look great aesthetically and can become dangerous if they cause people to trip.

Although cutting the roots of the tree may seem like the obvious solution, doing so may weaken the tree and cause rot within it. Rather than trying to change the tree, focusing on the patio may be a better solution.

One option is to remove the pavers and use a setting material such as stone dust or sand to create a new, higher layer upon which the pavers can be reset.

Completely removing the pavers and creating a pea-stone patio is another option. The main drawback here is that pea stone requires more maintenance and is not as neat as a paved patio. It needs to be raked and stone needs to be added from time to time so that a level, trip-free surface is created.

A third option is to use an on-grade deck as a replacement for the pavers. The footings of the deck would need to be carefully placed so that the larger roots of the tree are avoided.

A final alternative is to completely reposition the patio in a sunny area that is located further away from the house. A garden underneath the tree can then be created by adding a few inches of soil and using perennial plants or ground cover between the roots.