There is an enormous variety of options available when it comes to stone flooring, and it’s hard to beat the durability and natural beauty of the materials.  Perhaps the variety of stones available for home design shouldn’t be such a surprise, because stone’s popularity as a flooring material goes back thousands of years. Slate, quartzite, marble, granite, sandstone, limestone and travertine all have their own individual character and style.

Stone has a range of advantages for indoor and outdoor flooring applications.  Used on a patio or verandah, stone is a more durable and low-maintenance option compared to wood.  Outdoor wooden surfaces need regular oiling, and every few years they need to be sanded and re-coated.  Stone doesn’t need any of that, and there’s no risk that termites will eat it.

For interior flooring, stone is a hygienically superior choice over carpet, which accumulates allergens.  Stone keeps cool in summer, and an integrated heating system will generate warmth for the colder months.