Flagstone pavers are ideal for paving outdoor areas, according to Landscaping Network . They are often used for paving patios, garden paths, seating areas and garden feature walls.

Available in a choice of colours, shapes and thickness, these natural stone pavers are an easy material for laying on outdoor surfaces and can withstand a lot of pressure. They are ideal for use in areas that need to withstand heavy traffic or weight.

Due to their many shapes and colours, flagstone pavers bring plenty of character to outdoor areas and provide great opportunities to create your own unique design.

They can be laid either as a solid surface integrated into concrete, or laid individually, allowing sufficient space for mulch or plantings to grow in between each paver.

These stone pavers will add a unique element to your outdoor space and will look beautiful when laid as a consecutive colour or laid using a palette of colours mixed in with the earth’s natural hues.

Their durability and texture gives high visual appeal and makes for a perfect non-slip surface for outdoor paths and seating areas.