The look and feel of travertine tiles is luxurious, elegant and chic, which is why this material has proven so popular with home decorators and designers alike. Travertine is a naturally occurring stone that gives a natural feel to the decor without being too rugged or rustic, but it can require some careful care on your part if you wish to preserve its beauty and durability. Here are 4 top tips for cleaning and caring for your tiles:

Acidic Foods

Travertine is susceptible to damage from some acidic substances–substances which, unfortunately, are often found in the very place we like to use travertine tiling–the kitchen. Substances such as carbonated drinks, fruit juices, vinegar and sauces can damage the surface of the tile over time, so in order to protect your tiles from these things, try to avoid too much contact with acidic products and always clean up spills straight away.

Use Mild Detergent

Try to use a neutral (ie non-acidic) detergent for cleaning–this will remove stains without the damage or etching caused by acidic products.

Seal the Deal

Sealing your travertine tiles is something that can help you reduce maintenance and protect their appearance. Applying a sealant is relatively easy, but you need to take care to apply a thin, even layer to the surface of your tiles, leaving it to dry. Once it has dried, wipe off the residue and repeat the process. Sealants protect the tiles from moisture penetration which reduces staining.

Gently Does It…

When you’re cleaning, try to use a soft cotton cloth or sponge, and don’t go near it with scourers or brushes or the like and these can cause surface scratches.There are also some excellent specially-designed cleaning applicators you can use on travertine for great results.

While this may seem like a lot of effort, if you approach the care and maintenance of your travertine tiles with commitment you will get a long life out of them–and the beauty and class they bring to a home is well worth the effort!