Now that the cooler months are upon us, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about redecorating your outdoor spaces. With a bit of careful planning and by following these handy tips, you could be set to celebrate spring in style once it arrives:

1. Personalise your patio

Dining on the patio is the epitome of spring/summer, and a patio offering elegance, practicality, style and comfort makes the experience all the more enjoyable. To personalise the space, first decide what it is you want your patio to be used for. Do you enjoy afternoon cocktails or is your favourite time of day your morning coffee and paper? Perhaps your patio will be used when barbecuing and dining on light summer salads? Try to match the use with the theme, which will create ultimate comfort and workability. Garden benches with plush, comfy cushions are ideal for sipping coffee, while a large table and appropriate lighting is needed for night time dining.

2. Create intimacy

You may associate outdoor living with lots of friends and family, but there is a lot to be said for small, intimate spaces designed purely for relaxation. Try creating a small terrace or courtyard, or lay a few pavers by the garden pond and finish with a couple of deck chairs and an umbrella.

3. Add shade

As much as we love the sun in Australia, too much time in it can be harmful. Shade is essential for maximising your time outdoors, and this can be created with a simple canopy.

4. Do something unique

Create a talking point by doing something not seen before. Try creating a secluded dining room by planting hedging and laying natural stone paving. Allow aromatic herbs such as thyme to creep through the soil-filled joints, which will also help anchor the stones. The hedges will act as natural living walls and a dry stackstone retaining wall can offer extra seating and add to the aesthetic texture.

5. Candles, candles and more candles

When night falls nothing screams romance more than candles, which help reflect the night sky and cast beautiful shadows on your surroundings. Try hanging mason jars holding votive candles from a grape-covered arbour, and for added effect hang a few crystals where they can catch the light.

6. Water feature

The gentle sound of water instantly soothes your stresses, but you don’t have to live by the ocean or lake to enjoy it. A simple water feature can be created using garden pots, and a stackstone feature brings rustic elegance.

7. Custom build

If your garden doesn’t allow for wide open spaces, get creative with what you do have. Furniture can be custom made to fit around established trees and may not be as expensive as you might think. Kids will love sitting around the trunk of a tree, plus you’ll get the shade you require.

8. Use versatile furniture

If you plan to use your space for multiple occasions, look for versatile furniture options that can be altered depending on the theme. A dining table, for example, could be converted into a daybed for lazy sunday afternoons, or a kids table could convert into a sand box.

9. Add a mirror

A mirror is a simple way to make a space feel bigger and can quickly tie a theme together. An old window frame works well for a rustic theme, while an old Shanghai-style metal mirror brings colour and charm to a tea-drinking corner.

10. Add a clock

A sandstone or slate clock adds elegance while offering practicality at the same time. These materials are perfect for outdoor homeware ideas, as not only do they present a beautiful and stylish finish, their water resistant and durable qualities mean they can be left outdoors all year round.